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Fresh Mind Studios is a social-first digital shop, HTX->NYC

At Fresh Mind Studios, we believe that the world is evolving - and a modern marketing is evolving with it. We are Millennials, and we understand our peers. Millennials are taking the reigns of society, and brands are vying for their attention. We now represent 1/4th of the population, and carry $200 billion in annual purchasing power. While it is harder to gain the trust of Millennials, 60% say that they are often or always loyal to particular brands. As you can see, Millennials are vastly different in their behavior than past generations, which can cause big problems for marketers at times.

We tackle that barrier, and bring fresh ideas to life--ideas that will have your audience buy into your brand. We place a priority on brands that...

  • Have a valuable edge in the market
  • Offer genuine authenticity with their products/services
  • Show respect through their brand to their clients/customers

With these brands, we curate meaningful messages that resonate with targets of all shapes and sizes, including Millennials. We use this wise mantra from Albert Einstein: 

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler"

Consumers want to be talked tonot talked at.

Fresh Mind Studios creates data-driven microcontent for Fresh-Minded businesses.

microcontent (n):

1. Content created specifically for the platform(s) on which it is used.

We don't stop at the creation of the content.

We guide you through every step of the process, from distributing the content on the proper platforms, to optimizing your website to get the most "juice for the squeeze," to providing you detailed, meaningful analytics and insights into what marketing is working.

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some stats


Millennials want to be talked to, not talked at.

Worldwide, nearly 200 million Internet users have installed ad blocking software. Estimates range that Millennials make up anywhere between 34%-63% of users that have installed it.

60% of millennials say that they are often or always loyal to particular brands.

It is difficult to build a millennial's trust, but once you have it, they are your ally for life.


People spend a lot of time on their phones.

The average person spends 90 minutes per day on their phone. That amounts to up to 23 days a year, and 3.9 years spent looking at a phone screen.

Most of that time is spent on social media.

The average person checks their social media accounts 17 times per day.

Humans are descendants of an ancient reptillian species known as the Deinosuchus...probably.

We have no research to back this, so don't quote us.


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Great Minds of Houston

Great Minds of Houston is a content series featuring forward-thinking, Fresh-Minded business owners and operators across the Houston area. These owners and operators exemplify the changing times and the evolution within the business landscape. We seek to break down their success and pass on the lessons learned.


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